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    Can community managers not edit discussion posts and tags in Jive 6?


      We just updated to 6.0 last weekend (yay!) and I recently learned from several of the managers of our groups that they no longer have the option to "Edit" discussions in their communities.  That ability used to be available for community managers in 4.5.6, which is the previous version that we were on.  I would have thought that community managers would continue to have the ability to edit any posts that were created in their communities, but it looks like they cannot.




      Also, community managers cannot edit the tags on discussions posted in their communities, even if they have "Quick Tagging Mode" turned on.  They can still edit tags on documents, but not discussions.  I still have the ability to edit both discussion tags and posts, as a full administrator of the site, so I didn't realize that this capability was different for others.


      Is this something I have configured wrong in our admin console?  Or just a strange new quirk in Jive 6?  Does anybody else who has Jive 6 have any thoughts on this?