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    Iphone app rolled back?



      I really liked the left menu with streams on my Iphone 5, though today when I launched it again, I saw the "old" GUI with tabs on the top, so I tried to uninstall it / install it again and still have the "old" GUI.

      Did you rollback the app on the app store?


      I tried to install it on Iphone 5 (6.1.x firmware) and Ipad2 (6.1.3 firwmare) in the Iphone app.


      Very weird...

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          no, we didn't roll back.  Can you tell me which community you're utilizing within the app?  If it's a public community or one running less than Jive 6.0.1 you will see the previous generation UI as the new UI requires 6.0.1+ and is only for internal communities.  It is possible that the app initially showed the new UI and then later corrected itself.

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              That's by design.  Both of those are public communities and hence receive the UI designed for them.  The design with the slide out menu is for internal communities.

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                  Oh :(

                  Too bad I really liked the UI when I played with it for a bit, thanks for the explanation :)

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                    Brian, what's the rationale for not allowing the new design for public communities?

                    Forgive me in advance if you've already shared that information.  If you have, please point me in the direction to find this info.

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                        Public community usage is predominantly via the mobile web app, not our native apps.  They also tend to prefer a browse-centric UI rather than the stream-centric design of the native app.  We are currently working on a revamped mobile web experience for Jive 6+ with public community needs taking priority.

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                            I'm only speaking for the BMC Community here, but actually it's a bit disapointing, let me explain our point of view here.

                            We have some SMEs to support many sub community / products and so we work a lot with streams. That's one of the strongest point we saw in the new Jive version.

                            So we made quite some streams, to follow some friends / other SMEs, product we were "handling", and groups and we nearly stopped having email notifications which is damn fine


                            The mobility app was the other thing we were expecting impatiently. For a short while the iphone app (the Ipad still has the "streams" btw on public communities) had the standard GUI you're describing and to be honest we were like "ok... desapointing... Too bad we can't find our streams on it ". Not mentioning it was quite slow.

                            When the new Iphone app was out and we saw the left menus and streams we were like "omg! so cool! so much faster and we got to see our streams and achievements!".

                            So we made quite some noise about it (videos, G+ hangouts with managers, live demos to show off how cool it was to follow our streams on iphone).


                            And now we're back to square one...


                            If I'm hearing you right (I'm French so perhaps I didn't understand you correctly), it's "just" a matter of people used to browse Jive this way?

                            Perhaps a settings could do the trick in a people's profile to switch from "web app" to "native"?


                            I don't know, like I said perhaps I didn't get you right on this and native apps are actually dedicated to private communities because of an extra price option?