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    Team points



      When a user joins a team in a group and starts earning points, are those points also applied to the accounts of the other team members?


      If so, are the points only visible inside of the group, or are they platform wide?


      I'm wondering if a user could join a team and then build up a large amount of points without ever contributing any content!




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          Here is the way it works.


          Team 1 is created

          • User a and User c are new to the community
          • User b has 50,000 points
          • user a, user b and user c join team 1
            • user a earns 2,000 points
            • user b earns 1,000 points
            • user c earns 0 points


          The team will show 3000 points - and the users will each increment their user points by however many points they earned. 

          • So user c will still have 0 points in the community as well as within the team.
          • User a will have 2,000 points
          • User b will have 51,000 points.


          You can add other rules and allow user a to jump to team b and take their 'team earned' points with them.  But in the end, team earned points = team earned points.  It is basically a duplicate of whatever you have earned in regular gamificaiton missions - but applied to whatever team you are part of.