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    Disabling Global discussions in Jive6 (Not specific to a Community)


      From Create > Discussions >



      I want to disable the 3rd option of being able to create a Discussion, not specific to a Community, because it creates a lot of Orphaned discussions - viz. hangs as a personal Discussion as opposed to a 'Community discussion'










      I always want Discussions to be created Inside the relevant Community. We are educating users on this best practice but that is not enough, I want to have the option totally removed.

      Please help with how can this be achieved.



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          Hello Anirban,


          When someone creates a discussion and selects "The BMC Communities Community" what that essentially does is create the content in their Personal Container and it sets the visibility to Everyone.  We can disable this option by setting the following system property in the Admin Console: jive.usercontainer.thread.enabled = false.  The only issue with this, is that it will also remove the option of "Specific People" as well because the way that works is again, it creates the content in the users personal container but sets the visibility to whoever you specify.  So to answer your question, OOTB it can be turned off but it will also turn off the Specific People option.  As a side note, you can also disable this ability for documents and polls by setting jive.usercontainer.document.enabled = false and jive.usercontainer.poll.enabled = false respectively.


          You do have a second option.  The second option would be to theme out the button so that it is not available for users.  This could be done by your own designers or you could have our Professional Services team create the customized theme for you.  If you are interested in theming out the button and getting an estimate from our PS team, you would need to contact your Account Manager for more details.


          Please let me know if you have any additional questions as I would be more than happy to answer them for you.





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            I have seen a similar situation on the community I frequent as well often with new users. It is nice to know there is an option to restrict this from happening.

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              Amit Rajesth


              As I recall, the only content types that you can disable in this fashion are Discussions, Documents and Polls but I would be more than happy to double check on that for you and explore any other options that you may have.  To ensure I understand your request correctly, you are looking to disable the ability for users to create Ideas in the root space as a global idea, is that correct?

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                I apologize about the delay I have been very busy the last couple of days with Support Cases.  I will check this out this morning for you and post my findings shortly.

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                  I tried testing this out by modifying permissions and searching for any other undocumented system properties but unfortunately, there does not appear to be any way to do this OOTB.  My thinking is that this is not controlled by a system property like documents, discussions and polls because Ideation is a plug-in that is not part of the Jive core code.  If you are interested in removing this, your only option would be to "theme out" the option so that it is invisible to users.  If you do not have anyone that can do the custom theming for you you can request an engagement from our Professional Services team that could make the changes for you.  If you would like more information from our PS team including a Scope of Work and costs involved, please contact your Account Manager.


                  In addition, you may consider creating an Idea in the [Archived] Jive Ideation Space for the added functionality.  If you decide to create an Idea, I encourage you to get any other Jive users you know to vote for the idea as well.  The top voted Ideas in this Space are evaluated for feasibility and included in new releases of Jive.


                  I apologize again that this functionality does not currently exist OOTB.





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                    Hi All,


                    To achieve the goal here for Document/Blog and Poll.

                    Simply set the following User Property as :


                    For Document : jive.usercontainer.document.enabled =false

                    For Blog : jive.usercontainer.blog.enabled =false

                    For Poll: jive.usercontainer.poll.enabled =false


                    But for the Discussion we had to theme out only the 3rd option keeping the In Place and Specific People options intact.

                    To achieve this I had to make the changes in the /soy/publish_bar/publish_bar.soy theme file.


                    Following was the modified section in the above template file:


                    * Displays the visibility options select list
                    * @param visibilityOptions the list of visiblity options to render
                    * @param visibilityBean the PublishBarVisibilityBean for rendering visibility
                    * @param communityName
                    * @param communityFeatureVisible
                    * @param isPartner
                    {template .visibilityOptions}
                        <ul id="js-publishbar-select" class="j-publishbar-select" role="radiogroup">
                            {foreach $visibilityOption in $visibilityOptions}
                                {if (not ($isPartner)) or ($isPartner and $visibilityOption.value != 'all')}
                                            {if $visibilityOption.nameKey == 'publishbar.option.all'}
                                                {if $communityName == null}
                       <input type="radio" id="js-{$visibilityOption.value}" name="publishBar.visibility" value ="{$visibilityOption.value}" {if    $visibilityOption.selected}checked="checked"{/if} role="radio"/>
                                        <label for="js-{$visibilityOption.value}">



                    Please Note: This change in the code is a global change for all Publish Bar (Document/Discussion/Blog/Poll/Idea)


                    Hope this Information help you guyz to achieve the simmilar objective in future, quickly and easily..

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