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    Jive Databases


      We are running Jive 5 and I'm trying to identity the purpose of the different databases.  We setup DB backups which we can access via downloads in the Cloud Admin Console.

      Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 12.27.59 PM.png

      We are trying to establish a reporting strategy to pull information from BunchBall, Jive, Google Analytics, and some Internal databases.  Our first step is to get all the data into one spot using a document database and daily syncs.  We can then build a reporting model and move the data into a warehouse which we can build reports on.


      What does each database contain?  (Analytics vs System vs EAE)


      Can we setup an automated process to download nightly backups of the Jive database?



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          Analytics - This is the database you will be concerned with when constructing queries for analytic purposes. It contains records of who (what user) did what action (edited, viewed, liked etc.) what content (document, discussion. blog post, etc.). It is in a raw format, so you will need to connect it to a BI tool such as SAP Business Objects or QlikView to query the data and generate reports.

          System -  Contains information related to the general Jive system and is not super useful for analytic purposes outside of filling in some detail level information that is captured in aggregate in the analytics database. You could use it for setting up a local development instance that contains all the data from your production environment.

          EAE - Contains information related to the Jive Activity Engine and recommender service.