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    How does the external users feature work/interact with single sign on?


      I'm trying to find out some more information about how the external groups feature manages those users' login while the rest of the company exists on a SAML single sign on system.


      For various reasons we have a many more 'manual' jive managed accounts that we anticipated, while the rest of our users are on single sign on.


      To support this I've had to create a static login page which sits in the theme and has a nice url redirect /login which is easy to remember.


      The normal process is for the users to be bounced directly to the SSO identity provider and seamlessly logged in.


      If they are outside the network they get presented with a web form to login with but this is again generated by the identity provider, our manual or 'external' users cannot use this form and they need to use the /login URL or click on a link we've provided.


      How does the Jive cloud system know not to redirect external users to the SAML identity provider?


      The docs here: Jive Cloud Community Manager Documentation suggest that there is an intermediary login page.  How does this effect the seamless login for people on the internal network and already authenticated? Surely the Jive system must show this page to all users as it has no way of knowing that they should be given access.

      Nitzan Harel could you give some more details here for people?