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    Video Module questions

      my customer Steelwedge Software has a few questions about the video module that i am unable to find the answer to. below is the email with questions from Steelwedge,


      I needed your help to have a clear understanding of the video module. It would be great if you can have these answered by tomorrow morning.


      1.       1. How different is the new Jive Video module from what we have currently? Does it offer new features or it has just been called out separately in our new contract?

      2.       2. Does the 100 GB Bandwidth include both upload and download of the videos or just download?

      3.       3. What if a video is hosted in Vimeo but accessed from Jive portal? Does the bandwidth utilization count it?

      4.       4. Monthly 10 GB accumulated means a cap of 10 GB each month, that accumulates to 120 GB in a year and 240 GB in two years? Have I got that right? Is there an upper limit to how much we can accumulate?

      5.       5.How can we measure usage? Is there any way to measure current utilization and alert people not to upload new videos when we approach the thresholds?


      A cap of 100 GB per month for 425 users (our subscription count) will approximately mean,

      -          240 MB of video content per user per month

      -          or about 24 videos per user per month, assuming 10 Mb as average size

      -          or 1 video per user per day in a month roughly

      I am not sure if that is sufficient, so we need to understand the terms well so that we know what any overage is likely cost us.