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    Invitations to groups don't go out as emails in Jive 6?


      Today we realized that the default setting for users is NOT to get email notifications on the things in their Actions stream, at least in our instance (by default, only Inbox notifications and Email Watches notifications get sent as emails).  The main problem is that people are not getting invitations to groups as emails, which is the accustomed behavior from Jive 4.5.  Since we are still in the midst of our deployment, a lot of these people are brand new users and would not know that they have to actually go into Jive and click on their Actions stream to join the group.  Also, many of our more experienced users follow along with most of the activity in Jive through email updates as well and don't go into the platform itself that often.  So we have invitations to groups languishing in the Actions stream without people realizing it.  My questions are:


      1) Is there a way to reconfigure preferences so that people do receive emails on their Actions stream at a system level?

      2) If not, how are other CMs working around this?  Are you sending out an email to all the invitees to groups with a link to Jive and instructions on how to go into Actions and accept their invitation?  There must be a better way, right?