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    Jive apps creation error

      I am experiencing a lot of issues with creating new Jive apps recently, and especially today.


      When creating an app I get the following error message:

      Step 3 of 4. Creating local Git repository and pushing to remote... FAILURE

      W access for smarterpathcreatorgo2 DENIED to smarterpath_pokeshot_net

      (Or there may be no repository at the given path. Did you spell it correctly?)

      fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

      Git Push failed. Deleting app and cleaning up. Check SSH key and try again:


      I've deleted the and re-added the keys, but the issue remains. The credentials worked this morning, but now fail. I've created a new account with the same problem.


      Also the app names that I use cannot be reused, which is an issue also.


      Mark Weitzel