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    What's the syntax to quickly create a task by email?


      On Producteev you can use the Natural Processing Keywords (NLP)  to create a task in a blink.


      Either you are on the web, on iPhone, on Mac, on Android, by email or on a tablet you can use the following keywords to assign an attribute to a task during its creation :

      • !Deadline (!today, !tomorrow, !DayOfTheWeek, !nextweek, !nextmonth, !6 hours, !30 minutes
      • #Label
      • @Follower (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)
      • +Assignee (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)



      For example if I type in "+Robert Wilson Send the report !today to @Marie Carlson #Legal" Producteev will create the task "Send the report" assigned to Robert Wilson, due today, with Marie Carlson as a follower and the label Legal.


      When using the "create by email' function This syntax must be entered into the Email Subject Line to work.