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    Can't get mission for rating specific documents to work

      Anyone have experience creating a mission to reward rating a specific document? I can't get it to work and am rather desperate to get this in place.


      I followed Curtis' instructions in Jive Advanced Gamification Module: Admin Documentation (yes, the updated instructions). I reviewed the comments on that document, as well. I entered all letters in lowercase. I have even tried altering the order from type /id to id / type. The existing mission I had set up to award points for rating a document works when I rate the specific document in my new -- failing -- mission. But nothing I try gets the bonus 100 points to be awarded for rating the specific document.


      What I really want is to award a badge or large bonus for rating four documents. When that did not work I started testing with just one. Here is a screen shot, in case there is some detail I have overlooked:

      mission specific doc.png