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    How to subscribe for email to a group, but then turn off email for 1 content item?


      According to https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/2247#comment-1564842 this is delivered in 6.0 with custom streams.


      So far I can't actually figure out how to do it.  Here's what I've tried so far using my own login & a fake person I've created named Harold.


      In group 1

           -Jem adds group1 to my email watches stream

           -Jem turns email on for my email watches stream

           -Jem gets an email for discussion x in group1

           -Jem hides the discussion x from her email stream


           -Harold replies to discussion x

           -Jem still got email... which was not what I was expecting based on the comment above.



      I thought ok maybe I needed to explicitly opt out of email watches on that piece of content.  So I un-hid the discussion x to be back to a clean slate where I've got email on for email watches and the group1 in the email watches stream.


      I went back to discussion x itself thinking ok - I just need to uncheck email watches to get that conversation out of the stream & try again.  Email watches was not checked for me to uncheck & try.


      So essentially I want to get email for the group, but not for anything new on that item in the group anymore.  Am I missing how to do it or is the feature not actually delivered?