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    Help.... we need external people to have access to only SOME groups on our internal instance


      Hi All,

      I was wondering who out there has this problem and how you solved it. Here are the specifics... any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


      The Background

      We are on Jive hosted on-prem. Currently, our Jive instance (myDB) is for internal users only and all users are authenticated via WebSSO. myDB has content that is classified as either Public or Internal Only. We currently do not allow confidential information. We plan to upgrade to 5.0.6 end of July and then 6.0+ Q1 2014.


      The Need

      There is a need for some external people (outside of the Deutsche Bank) to access some of the information on myDB. For example, some groups have third party people manage their support/help line and now these groups have moved all of their documentation to myDB. So... we either have to figure out a way to have some external people access only SOME groups or users have to have their docs in two places (which is horrible).


      The Problem

      The problem is two-fold:

      1) These external people don't have WebSSO login information... so a different means of authentication would need to be implemented for them. Although I know this is probably custom, my guess is that it is doable and I would love to know if anyone has done this before.

      2) Once these external people can access myDB, they can only access a specific set of open groups. They cannot access the rest of the open groups on myDB because they contain Internal Only data. Has anyone done anything like this?


      I know there is the concept of external contributors... but I know very little about it (other than it exists). Would this be a possible solution?