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    Enterprise treasure hunts?

      Does anyone have experience (good or bad) facilitating a company-wide treasure hunt to "entice" users to explore their Jive instance? In particular I'm interested in hearing best practices or lessons learned about:

      • Marketing the hunt- spreading the word
      • Setting "targets" for how many users you expected to participate
      • Prizes that you awarded and how you facilitated that (drawing, first to finish, etc)
      • How you had users report their results
      • How long you ran the hunt for
      • Anything else you want to share


      Yes, I am getting ready to run a treasure hunt for the whole company and I would love some advice!

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          We haven't done one at the enterprise level, but some groups have tried this to get their group engaged in our Jive internal instance. From what I have seen, it hasn't been too exciting for the group, but perhaps they haven't tapped into an engaging level of competition or offered fabulous enough prizes . I guess the question to answer is "Hooray! You found it ... now what?" Beyond finding it, perhaps you can ask them to engage once they find it. For example, maybe send them to find the community guidelines and the first 10 people to comment on which is the most important rule to them wins xyz.


          Whether it's using the inherent points system from Jive, using Bunchball's module or creating your own treasure hunt, it's all about gamification which is about driving behavior. Do you want them just to search or do you want them to search for something of value and add to it? I think you first need to pinpoint why you are pointing them toward that treasure. The tricky part of an enterprise-wide one is selecting "treasure" that has value for all involved.

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              Thanks Megan- excellent advice. We also have groups who have engaged members in treasure hunt activities with the objective of bringing more people into their community to discover cool content, kick the tires, provide feedback on the design of the group/space, value of the content, etc. I like your idea about engaging them in the content and using that to reinforce the right activity/behavior in the platform. Thanks for the great thoughts!