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    Next User Group Event - June 19th


      **UPDATE for Q2 SoCal User Group event **


      Date: Wednesday, June 19th

      Time: 5:30-9 pm

      Place: DIRECTV in El Segundo

      Topics: Upgrades and Gamification

      Details to be shared on an Event (when bug is fixed).



      Hi Fellow SoCal Jivers,


      A few of us got together yesterday to plan the Q2 Jive SoCal User Group event. The one in March was a great success thanks to Miriam Smith and a few others, we want to build on it.

      >> Here's the big question. What would you like to discuss? What is top of mind? What should be our featured topic(s)?


      We're thinking of having a short "keynote" presentation on one topic and then an informal panel or roundtable on 2 others. The following are our suggestions but we want to get your input.


      If you feel strongly for one or more of the topics, or have other suggestions please let us know by Wednesday, May 15th (EOB). Thank you!


      Don't forget to vote on poll, What are your interest in joining the SoCal User Group?




      Suggested Topics

      1. Upgrades
        • The gotchas - what do we need to know, what do we need to prepare for
        • Best practices - 4-5; 5-6; 6-7
        • Share Jive's roadmap of upgrade
      2. Ideation
        • modules or add-ons
      3. Mobile Implementation
        • what people have done and haven't done
        • big issue with Legal - what have they overcome and not overcome - panel / roundtable
      4. Gamification
        • Business objectives
        • Transferring points
        • Repeatable events
        • Custom badges
        • Shaping behavior
        • Virtual to real rewards (the Store)