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    Tags from Multi-select?

    staceystith Novice

      I would like to feed my multi-select field into tags based on from selection but having difficulty getting the code to work the way I think it should. Has anyone done this? Is it possible?

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          Currently this wouldn't be possible.  The only way to get data into tags is via one of the following methods:

          • Add a pre-set list of tags to the template definition - user has no control over this, the template automatically adds those tags
          • Use a 'tags' field type, which is a text field that allows users to enter tags into content


          In the current version of the app, allowing any random field's data to be placed into tags isn't allowed.  I can certainly add this to the roadmap and expand the tag functionality to apply to more than a single field type of a text input, and allow more field types to be used and applied to the content tags when the content is posted.