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    Suppressing Tabs


      place.soy contains references to a $suppressTabs boolean. The functionality seems to be fully setup, as I've removed the conditionals from the template and 'Manage' shows up beautifully as a button next to follow and the space tabs aren't rendered.


                      {if $suppressTabs}
                          {call .manageLink}
                              {param isButton: true /}
                              {param placeManageLink: $placeManageLink /}


      Is it possible to trigger this flag without modifying the template? Some type of extended property on the space perhaps?

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          Jeff Howard

          Hi Jeff,


          Did this code obscure the default nav bar (Content, People, Subspaces)?  Our users have found that to be very distracting and disconcerting, so we'd love to find a way to make it visible only when it's really needed for a particular space, or for users who are familiar with Jive, or not at all.