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    Jive 6 Plugins: Is there a ListJiveIterator equivalent?


      I am attempting to generate a list of featured items to return.


      In Jive 5, we used a method to override getFeaturedItems:

      public final JiveIterator<JiveObject> getFeaturedItems(
        final JiveContainer container,
        final Integer... objectTypeFilter) {
        return new ListJiveIterator<JiveObject>(getFeaturedItemsList(container,objectTypeFilter));


      But this dipendency no longer exists:

      import com.jivesoftware.community.impl.ListJiveIterator;


      Has anyone else migrating to 6 run into this issue? I wasn't able to find documentation



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          check this discussion: Jive 6 plugin: How to obtain a list of featured content items?

          I think it'll answer your question.


          As Ryan King pointed out:

          In Jive 6, the various forms of FeaturedContentManager.getFeaturedItems() still exist, but they no longer return a JiveIterator object, as it has been replace in the Jive codebase with Iterable.  You'll see this change in a lot of places in the codebase, which definitely requires a bit of refactoring to code being upgraded from previous versions of Jive. 


          With Iterable, it's now clear on what exactly you have in hand, as opposed to JiveIterator, which was both an Iterator and Iterable.

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