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    Jive Albums - Maintain native width & increase total img count

      I love the basic functionality of the Jive Albums app (well done), but I have some queries:


      1. Can it be set to maintain the native width of the source file? I have a gallery of staff profile photographs that I've shot. Of these, I've edited some to be social media friendly at 250 H and 250 W. When these are displayed, they are scaled to fit the default width of display, which shows them scaled up and therefore at poor apparent resolution.


      Request: disable automatic width adjustment (or, at least, do what many export functions in image applications do, and set the display/render width, but offer a "do not enlarge" option).


      2. The maximum count of 30 images per library is very restrictive.


      Request: allow the user (or administrator) to set the total count of images per gallery (or at least double it to 60).


      Thanks for all the great work to date team.