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    Creating a new tag library?

      I am working on my first Jive implementation for an external community and am interested in any guidance on creating an initial library of tags for seeding or initial content.  Anyone care to share experiences developing a tag library prior to launch? Be gentle, dear Managers, as this is my first post!

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          Depending on the size of the community it can be quite hard reigning in all the different type of tags users come up with.  This challenge is further compounded by the fact that there isn't yet the ability to manage tags through things like synonym lists and a find & replace utility.  In our community, there's the alternate use of abbreviations and more complex things like when users don't use underscores to create compounds and then use semi-colons to separate tags: yes, it gets messy.  However, this shouldn't discourage you from trying.


          One step in the right direction is to try seeding which tags should be used with the hope of encouraging users.  Specifying target tags in the settings of the space or group is a good start: users will hopefully see these and associate them with the space/group.  Moderators can also add tags to content to promote them.  There's also the view tag widget that pulls tagged content from across your community: this provides a working example of why tags are helpful.

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