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    sync content from external CRM KB database?


      I am looking for some advice on the best solution to integrate support case solutions exported from our Remedy CRM system's Oracle database into Jive so they show up in searches.  Ideally we want this content to be synced on a nightly basis to create new or update existing content unless it can integrate externally.  We would want the ability to search for these "case solutions" separate to our normal documents and discussions as well as in line with them.  In fact the way this is implemented in the JC is pretty close to what we are shooting for, but I know that is done via a custom Salesforce integration which we don't have.  We are on Jive 5 and will move to either 6 or 7 at the end of the year if that matters.  Is OpenSearch a fit somehow? Are web services API calls the best route?  If the DB can be fed into Sharepoint would it be possible to use a connector? Other options?  We do have some internal developers but until we have a better plan of attack we are not going to know what we can do on our own vs farm out.  Any tips, experiences, or opinions would be incredibly appreciated.




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          You are right, the external integration that you are talking about was done via a plugin. In general, the best practice is to exhaust other integration options first, before moving down the path of a plugin. That said...


          You could use OpenSearch, but that doesn't really bring the content into Jive, it simply calls out when a search is made. Also, you don't really know who is the search is performed on behalf of--no user info is passed along.


          The feed into sharepoint is an interesting idea. Robert Fernandes, do you have any thoughts on that?


          If you don't have a lot of internal developers, there are some of out Technology Partners that have done work in this space, notably The specified item was not found.. They might have some ideas on what's possible as well.

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              Mark - Thanks for the response.  It may not be a show stopper if we lose who performed the search.  A lot of our content is open and gets accessed by non-logged in users, but I do agree that is valuable information to keep track of.  Do you know of any implementations where OpenSearch was used for something like this?   I have not done much research on it, but I think the user has to click an extra link to show OpenSearch results because they are not automatically included inline with everything else.  If that is the case that may be enough to eliminate it as a possibility.  If nothing else seems like a good fit I was thinking the worst case scenario is creating new documents or updating existing documents via API calls each night.


              Robert Fernandes - Can you comment on Sharepoint being a possibility for this?