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    Jive iPhone App - View Custom Streams?


      Hi all,


      I'm fairly new to Jive, and I was delighted to download and start using the Jive App v.1 for iPhone because I could check my separate custom activity streams.


      But when I upgraded to the Jive App v.2 for the same iPhone, it seems we've lost this capability. Instead, I can only see one overall Activity stream, and one for "Followed". Some of the areas in our community are being populated with jillions of uploaded files, so our general Activity stream is dominated by them, and I liked being able to view the different streams separately, which enabled me to ignore all those posts.


      Is there a setting I'm missing? Did Jive remove the multiple-stream option? I recall being able to swipe the display across and reveal hidden streams, lke one does with the Facebook app, but it won't do that any more. Was I dreaming? Is there a way to make this happen?




      - Josh