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    Calendar View

      Was the calendar view option removed from the updated interface, or am I just not seeing it?  My team has used it extensively in the past.

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          Could you confirm which interface you are using?  Stepping in to help answer customer questions today, but not an existing Producteev user (yet) ... so playing catch-up.  Let me know and I'll do my best to track down an answer. =)

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              I've looked on both the web interface and the OSX app, can't find any option for calendar view on either.

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                  Was able to pull one of the Producteev team members away for a minute to get a quick answer to this question.  Short answer is Yes.  I dont have any details as to why this was done, at this time.  If we leave this question open ... the team will circle back with answers once the fires from today die down.  Unfortunately the best I can offer you is relief from the search for something that isn't there, but hope that helps until the real team can give you more details.

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