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    Community Manager/Community Analyst Job Descriptions


      Does anyone have a recent community manager or community analyst job descriptions you have used at your company. I am looking to write both and don't want to reinvent the wheel if they already exist!!




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          Try looking at the post from a while ago at:



          You may want to check out the External Community Managers  Space.



          As I recall this was a topic several months ago.

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            Megan Truett
            My job description (proprietary stuff removed)
            Position Summary:
            The Enterprise Community Administrator position is a full-time employment opportunity. The primary function of the Enterprise Community Administrator is to engage users across the business and all levels to build a lively social business community and foster adoption of leading-edge social collaboration tools in the
            Jive platform. The Enterprise Community Administrator will help to maximize the value of the Jive platform as a strategic communication and knowledge management tool by helping employees quickly find the information they need to do their jobs, manage their lives as employees, connect to other users, and improve engagement. The ECA will also handle first- and second-level technical maintenance of the Jive Platform.
            Essential Job Duties:
            • Moderate questions, comments, and general feedback within the community, and work with appropriate internal
              resources to address any issues or questions.
            • Coach users and administrators on the use of collaboration tools and social content such as blogs, wikis, etc., and
              provide guidance for effectively using the tools.
            • Work with a cross-functional team of content owners to foster development of compelling content that is clear,
              concise, and easy to understand.
            • Monitor community activity, establish effective benchmarks for measuring the growth of the community, and define
              objectives to increase site usage.
            • Identify needs within the community; provide input regarding the evolution of the intranet, and assist in strategy
              development for future phases.
            • Technical maintenance of the Jive platform, including but not limited to the SharePoint connector, space and group
              maintenance and guiding correct usage of the platform’s tools.
            Additional Job Duties (include but are not limited to):
            • Analyze, review, and report on the effectiveness of new intranet initiatives.
            • Provide direction on new social collaboration tools and best practices, and monitor how other organizations and
              companies are using them.
            • Seek professional development opportunities to enhance community management skills and tools knowledge.
            Minimum Requirements:
            • 2-3 years experience community management in a social media/business platform
            • Deep knowledge of Jive and its functionality
            • Strong written and verbal communication skills and able to effectively communicate with all levels of
            • Understands the value and uses of social business for internal audiences and is skilled at encouraging adoption
              among users.
            • Deep knowledge of the value and use of social media/business tools including wikis, discussions, tagging and search
              optimization and RSS feeds.
            • Desire to work in a collaborative team environment.

              Preferred Qualifications:
            • Knowledge of the company and
              its universities.
            • Fundamental knowledge of HTML or CSS
            • Background in site analytics and
              reporting on key business metrics
            • 1-2 years as a system administrator

            • Education: 
                • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Journalism, Communication,
                       Social Learning or a related major. Master’s degree strongly preferred.

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              Courtney, sent something direct to you in the community.


              Also, take a look at http://thecr.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/find-jobs

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                Thanks for asking this question Courtney! These answers are very helpful in describing the job a lot of us do.

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                  Hi Courtney, I do not have any job descriptions for this, but as an internal ECM, I look at my role as encompassing these things:


                  Develop Best practices for the launch and growth of communities

                  Provide education & support for Group and Space Administrators (community managers)

                  Develop educational materials to assist communities in growing their membership and engagement


                  Lead the Advocate group to drive adoption by providing orientation, mentorship, and support

                  Support SMEs and content contributors on best practices

                  Provide training for associates

                  Work with SMEs, Group Admins, Space Admins, and Advocates to identify gaps and address issues


                  Strategic consulting for Communities and Orgs to share best practices for meeting business goals

                  Identify and coach key influencers on how to model exemplary collaboration practices


                  Report on overall Community Health metrics

                  Leverage metrics to identify opportunities for improvements

                  Consult, train, and assist communities with their group reporting needs


                  Monitor community, encouraging membership, facilitating discussions

                  Manage “Inappropriate Use” procedures.

                  Monitor space content and answer user questions or route to help desk

                  Monitor group usage and consolidate/retire groups when applicable


                  Now granted, that's a lot for one person, so pick and choose where the emphasis is, based on your company's needs.