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    Email to tasks.

      Hi, I want to know if the email to task feature is still working.

      I have tried to send emails to task@producteev.com and it will not convert them into tasks.

      Also, there is no Inbox! If it is available where can I look at my email created tasks?


      Thank you,



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          Ryan Rutan

          Seems like a fair question, and a feature that I'd imagine people use quite a bit.  Will need to punt this to the product experts who are still migrating accounts ... but will make sure they take a look ASAP.  Thanks for the feedback and continued patience. =)

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            I think it must be one of the bugs they're working out (I hope). Good news is that after 48+ hours I can login this morning. Hooray! However, when sending anything to task@producteev.com, I get a notification that the task is created, however, it's nowhere to be found in Producteev. The notification I get *looks* like it's coming from the old system, so perhaps it's being created in the old system as will eventually be migrated with everything else or simply going into the ether. It appears that replying to an existing notification aslo does not update the task.




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              Only today I'm realizing that my mail2tasks have been disappearing into the spirit world. This is one of the primary features - how could they drop the ball on that one.

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                I found that all of my email addresses except for the one I use to log in have not been migrated. I don't ever use that one for Mail2Task, so I don't know if it's working on that. However, my old Android app has kept working through the migration, which meant that I still could look at my task list. Looking at it now, the tasks I'm emailing in on are appearing in the old android app but not the new one. So your old system must be processing them as before. I wonder if this is what's happening with these other users?

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                  I used to be able to forward an email to task@producteev.com and that email would be part of the notes on the task it created. Now it will not include the email in the notes. I am not receiving any kind of error message. Any fix for this?