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    I don't like being a test bed for new ideas.

      I don't like being a test bed for new ideas. Especially bad new ideas. Producteev is slow and doesn't respond at times. Uploading files features don't work. Once in a while we can't change attributes of a task. We use this as our daily task list and as a business I cant afford to have this not working correctly. I have 5 employees wandering around because the list shows a blank screen at times. When it does work, it isn't clear (color coded dates are gone), sorts incorrectly (deadline shows the furthest out tasks at the top) and will not let us edit tasks. We will find a different task manager. We can't afford to wait for all of this to be fixed. I happily paid for the pro version, which comparatively, was extremely overpriced. I don't know why it was replaced with something that hasn't been completely tested.