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      Does anyone have access to attachments yet?  My team can now log into our account, and are able to see and interact with tasks (aside from previously completed tasks, which are still missing), but none of us can preview or download attachments on tasks.  We can see the file names, but cannot actually do anything with them.  Are attachments (and completed tasks) coming later in the migration process?

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          Our attachments are still missing. Ours aren't even visible in a read-only form.


          Producteev, will attachments come back?

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              Absolutely.  In terms of the migration priority, it was pro users, pro & team projects, standard users, single-shared projects, and attachments.   This is why attachments are lagging in the process.  Once complete, all this information will be available in the new version, it is just unfortunate that it has taken this long. =\  Hope that helps give some assurance. 

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                  I know you must hate this question by now, but is there an ETA on when file attachments will be restored?

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                      Clifton!!!! They got to you too?  =) 


                      What I can tell you is that attachments are the last stage in the process, so they will be last for sure.  The migration process has not been as linear as previously tested, which has led to the craziness that people are experiencing.  As to when, the best answer I have is ASAP.  Our product team is literally heads down trying to expedite processes whenever and wherever possible to make this happen sooner than later.  Hope that will help for now.

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                          Hi Ryan Rutan


                          Have you any update to share on attachment migration?

                          For quite some time, we were requesting an "attachment backup" functionality, this didn't happen and now this.

                          People and clients are really getting nervous about this issue.


                          Please advise asap.


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                        Any update on attachments?  Our most vital data was in our attachments, and we still can't access them.  The last blog post stated that full migration was expected to be finished at 5pm PDT yesterday, but this morning there's still no attachments.

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                      Hi Greg,


                      Unfortunately the server is slower than we planned, some attachments are still migrating.

                      Everything will be up and ready in a few hours.