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    List of known issues with the 'new' producteev for my 'network':

      Current issues:


      1. One of my 'project's' tasks have all disappeared (kind of drives me crazy considering I use Producteev 6-10 times an hour...
      2. I can't delete some members of my network (no options available)
      3. Very slow switching between projects and most importantly, the name of the new selected project appears very quickly above the task from the previously selected projects causing a lot of confusion.
      4. When searching tasks, tasks are not grouped by projects causing a real issue for the way we work with producteev.
      5. Firefox specific: Getting weird small logos on the left of tasks that are not making any sense (same logo also next to the project name).
      6. Scheduling a repetitive task is almost impossible. The functionality is flowed.
      7. The migration got a lot of task to automatically assign the tasks to the multiple people (it's a nice new functionality but I rather not have it then making a mess with my tasks)
      8. Firefox specific: the scroll bars of 'people' and 'labels' appear witth standard colors of firefox (ie: not in the new producteev black)
      9. Chrome Specific: blurry fonts... really not nice to use.


      Solved issues:

      user pictures were not appearing: solved as of this morning.


      And on a more general note:


      Considering that I paid for a full year for 5 workspaces, I expected Producteev to respect the most basic rule of programming: Software release life cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • Will you reimburse users that paid a full year for the remaining months?