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    Where to even begin...


      I’ll apologize in advance for the length of this post; however my team and I have several concerns. See below and please advise.

      Images associated with each manager – these are now TINY and pretty much pointless b/c you can’t see them. It was awesome the way it was before b/c you could quickly go thru the list and see who was responsible for each project. In my opinion, this change is a step backwards.

      Assignee – As it stands now, you have it where more than one person can be assigned the task. I think this is a great improvement. However, when you see the image (in the main sort list) it shows a “2” or “3” or however many people are assigned that task. Like the image issue I listed above, it would be VERY convenient if instead of a “2” it actually showed both photos or at least the names or SOMETHING. It’s very difficult for the department head to quickly see an overview of all the projects his team has and who’s doing what when it’s just numbers (or a tiny image box that you can’t see)

      Sort by deadline – It seems as though you have changed it to show the LAST deadline first…this is just bizarre. If I’m sorting by deadline it’s because I want to know what’s due NOW, not 6 months from now. So I have to scroll to the bottom and work my way up? Why on earth would you change this?? Is there a way I can at least choose whether or not I can have newest or oldest on top?

      “Late” and “Due Today” status – it seems like you’ve taken this feature off completely. Is there a reason? This goes along with my ‘sort by deadline’ comment above…that was very helpful to see quickly what is late so that we can address it in our progress meetings.

      Assignees – This used to be really simple…I clicked and everyone in that project’s name appeared and I could just click a radio button next to the person I wanted to assign it to. Now I have to start typing (which would be fine if it automatically found it once I started typing) but it doesn’t…I have to hit the spacebar before names start showing up. AND that only works sometimes. Ugh. I can type “Nat” and a space for Natasha and it doesn’t find me. But if I type “N” and a space it finds me AND Lane. That’s annoying. Please fix this.

      Font – You’ve made the font MUCH smaller…in doing that it also seems to be VERY rasterized and it’s hard to read. I think you’re going for a “sleek” look, however if we go blind trying to read our projects it’s really not going to do us any good. Can you make the font bigger, or give us the option to make it bigger? If not, please at least make it clear and crisp and not hard to read.

      Refresh - As with the previous version, sometimes you have to refresh the page before you can see your changes. However, with this new version, every time you refresh it automatically defaults back to the “view all” screen. If I’ve got it sorted a certain way and I just want to refresh the page so that I can see my changes, it’s VERY irritating to have to constantly go back and redo my sort.

      Labels - The labels are VERY slow to respond. They also used to have a dropdown menu that showed up when you clicked and now you have to start typing for it to find them. I don’t actually have every single label memorized, so I have to scroll down, look at the list of labels, scroll up and then start typing.