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      With the new version of Producteev by Jive, I was surprised to see the privacy function modified to be customized on the project level not the task level. in the old version we got 2 levels tasks & subtasks and with the new version we got Projects- Tasks & subtasks which great. the problem is that the privacy customization has been moved from the taksks level to projects lavel and here are my notes:

      1- it is your decision but this step created huge problem for my team as there was many privacy limitation on tasks , with the new version you moved all the tasks under one project and name it with the name of the workspace. now every one in the team can see every tasks and there were many secret tasks.

      2- with this fuction moved to the project level and becuase of the privacy, users are forced to create too many projects, so what happened to the one step tasks such as getting some stationery from the bookstore, you need to create project for this tasks and then create task under this project to be able to customize the privacy.

      3- in my opinion, that was the only difference between you and ASANA, and that why I choosed producteev because it WAS giving me the ability to assign privacy on task level while ASANA was not enabling user to this. so no there is no difference.


      Solution, User should not inherit the project privacy access, so only admin of a task, asignee & followers can view the task.