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    Boxes on the left hand side and viewing/organising labels



      The three equally sized frames/panes on the left hand side of the page in producteev are causing me difficulty.  I use labels to mark matter numbers which relate to my work (as a lawyer), under my project for my legal work I had boatloads of 6 digit matter numbers which were organised alphabetically in descending order.


      In the new producteev I seem unable to reorder labels at all and I cannot see the whole list of labels anymore because of the equally sized windows showing projects and people force scrollbars, which I have to say reminds me of early 2000 web design.  I really liked the old project selection because it felt like each project was very separate and I don't jump around from project to project too much.  I understand that some people might.


      So here is my request, please implement user resizing of those three windows and if possible permit them to be turned off or hidden (maybe with little tabs and arrows so they can jump out and back in again quickly), so that when someone wants to look at multiple projects or people or labels they can without loads of scrolling in tiny boxes.   Thanks for all your hard work - I know a migration is a big deal.