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    Time is Running Out...Still No Access...

      Time is running out and I still can't log in.  I NEED ACCESS TO MY TASKS TO DO MY JOB.  I have now blown two entire days of work because I can't access ANY of my information that I trusted you to manage.  Can I bill Producteev/Jive for my lost time?  A simple email would have allowed me to download all of my tasks before this migration and would have given you plenty of time to then work out all the bugs.  Instead, no notice was given and this migration has been completely botched.  The window within which you promised to have everything up and running is quickly closing and...I still can not log in.  Will I have access to my tasks no later than 1pm PDT today as promised?

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          Should I even expect a response at this point?

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              Ryan Rutan



              Please know that our intent (mine especially) is not to ignore any post, but trying to respond to them as I can.  I have been on the phone with the product team getting updates and trying to get that information coordinated and out to the relevant parties.  To answer your question directly, the migration process is still churning.  I can no longer guarantee a 1PM PDT deadline (as it has already passed).  What I can tell you is that in regards to the migration, the elements that are still migrating include:

              • Personal or Single-Shared Projects
              • and Attachments.

              Based on this information, it sounds like this includes your tasks.  In hindsight, there are a ton of things that we would have done differently, and at this time we are rapidly trying to make-up for those decisions.


              The higher-level answer I can provide is that you will get your Tasks once they are migrated; however, given the now proven invariability of the migration process ... I cannot safely give you an estimated time.


              For what it's worth, I hope that helps.