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    Tip for the future: warn people they won't be able to log in before they upgrade.

      I, like everyone else, have been patiently but anxiously awaiting the amazing Producteev platform upgrade that was going to fix all of the lacking features and finally make it a truly useful, state of the art app. So when the update popped up in my App Store announcing a free software with a faster API and a much-awaited new interface, I immediately updated it. And only after that I was informed that due to your migration process I have temporarily lost access to any of my data, with no accurate ETA for when I'll actually be able to log in. I wish I didn't have to tell you how much of a hassle that can cause for a person who relies on your product. It is just shameful that you would kick off this endeavour in such a careless, troublesome, annoying way. Incomprehensible.

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          I know I'm basically complaining to myself here, but as someone who works in brand management I'm just baffled at all that is happening. I completely understand that the Producteev team must be tired and hysterical over all that's happening and I do believe that you are doing your best to fix things, but anyone would have figured by now that after a series of screw-ups and a ver bad reception of your product, with reports of bugs all over, the very first thing you should do is take one person from the team, remove them from everything else and get them to work solely - and nonstop - on answering user comments and doubts, not to mention provide constant updates, as small as they are. If you can't get the product to work, at least let us have some sympathy for you and your brand, let us feel your pain and root for you, instead of leaving us in the dark losing trust while thinking you not only messed up, but also don't care. I'd rather be baffled by this together than solely on my end.