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    pro workspace missing tags/labels


      During the migration, our tree pro workspaces have been migrated quite soon incl. all tasks. However, I see in the "Labels" area only the tags/labels of two of the workspaces. The tags/labels of the third pro Workspace (and a really important one with around 10-15 tags/labels) are not shown in the labels panel. However each of the tasks of this third pro workspace (now project) still have the correct labels/tags. When adding a new tasks and trying to assign labels/tags, the predefined list also only offers the labels listed in the labels panel (i.e. missing the labels of this workspace). So summed up:

      - missing all labels/tags for one pro workspace in the labels panel

      - not able to assign predefined (the missing) labels/tags to new tasks in this workspace.


      Please give me feedback on how to adress this issues. As the tags/labels are "views" for us on the content, this is really important!

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          @ producteev Team: is there any answer on this? For our pro workspaces this is a major issue, as we lost all label based views and the specific workspace and have to decide what to do with the existing labeled tasks? We have a larger amount of them and relabeling is absolutely not an option!