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    Status Update PLEASE! (with real/helpful information for a change)

      No update since 2pm PDT yesterday? I thought you were working 'around the clock' to fix these issues?  Please start providing hourly (at a minimum) updates that provide MEANINGFUL information.  For example, please tell us the percentage of accounts that have been migrated, estimated remaining time for complete migration, etc.  You should have easy access to this information. 


      At this point it just seems as though you have no clue what is even going on which is not inspiring a lot of confidence.  It's one thing to botch the migration, but now you're also doing a terrible job of keeping us informed during this ridiculous mess.  I personally am sick of hearing that you're sorry, that you're working on it, that it will be done soon, etc.  Vague answers do not help us.  GIVE US SOME SPECIFIC ANSWERS AND LET US KNOW WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON.  Some of us NEED the information that we trusted with you and need to know when we will again have access to it.