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    List of Issues: Bugs being fixed or Add to Wish List?


      Please take a look at the list below and let me know which things are "bugs that will not exist once the migration is complete" and which things are essentially going to be added to a "feature request wish list". Thank you.


      1. Labels -

      • In Sidebar - Cannot see all of our labels. We have to search to find "missing" labels. Destructive to our workflow.
      • In Sidebar - Cannot reorder labels.
      • In Sidebar - All labels from all Projects are clumped together (previously separated and unique to each workspace).
      • On Tasks - Cannot remove a label from a task. When we click the "x" next to the label, nothing happens, the label stays.
      • On Tasks - Cannot easily assign/remove tasks anymore. We used to be able to click on a label, and highlight/un-highlight labels to turn them on and off for that task. Now, we click on a label and have to start typing to find a label, then choose the label


      2. Search - Simply does not work. We used to be able to search for an order number and it would show search results for that order number across multiple workspaces. Now, when we search for an order number, we do not get any results at all.


      3. Assignees - There used to be one "assignee" per task. Now there are multiple, this doesn't make sense.


      4. Tasks -

      • Notes - Links are no longer clickable.
      • Notes - Timestamps used to show the day and hour, now it just says "x days ago".
      • List - Used to stay "sorted by" Creation Date, now we have to change it every time.


      5. Networks -

      • Moving all the Workspaces to Projects really messed up the way we do business. We used to have our Vendors on different workspaces, keeping users, labels and tasks separate. Now that they are Projects under the same Network, all users can see all other users and all labels, which considerably hurts our workflow.
      • Cannot invite new users to a Network