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    The difference in priorities is almost unrecognizable

      One of my most often use cases is sorting tasks by Deadline and going through the list looking at priorities. And with such way to label task priority as applied in new design, when I go through a long list of tasks everything blends for me, I harldy see difference between tasks priorities. Previously there were numbers showing priority rate (1-5), and I can't say for sure, but it seems like even colors had more distinction compared to the new ones. You may say the colors are the same, but the visual effect is vivid – smaller stars with no rate numbers look very similar in long lists. For people with color blindness you eliminated the way to distinguish task priority.

      Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams_2013-05-23_12-06-37.png


      Imagine - [ISD - Producteev.png

      before (unfortunatelly I have no screenshot with different priorities, but it is vivid that numbers add a lot to the speed of priority recognition, not to say that this is the only way to recognize priority for people with color blindness).