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      Ok, so after having basically lost 2 days in this mess of a migration I'm in. Let's take it as read that you are abjectly apologetic and that this product is actually in beta even though you've incompetently migrated your entire user base to it without warning in the middle of the week, and I'll just move onto the initial things that appear to be wrong/problematic on a first viewing.


      1. You didn't test this on Firefox, did you? None of the icons are showing up at all - it's pretty ugly. Except for the priority of each tasks, which is indicated by some weird car icon instead of the stars. I'm on Firefox  20.0, ie the most up-to-date version in the Ubuntu repositories.
      2. Also only occurring on Firefox so possibly related - none of the check-boxes are showing, which is a bit of an issue for, like, completing tasks. I can get them to appear if I open the drop-down near the top of the screen with select all/none/done/not done etc, but they don't show up automatically.
      3. So you've changed workspaces which were completely siloed, into projects which share labels. Those were the two mechanisms your users had for organising the tasks and you've completely changed the way they relate to each other. Did it not occur to anyone that this was going to screw around a lot of your users? I had duplicate labels over different workspaces, and now I can't tell which pertains to which project because they have the same name (I'm colour blind, so the colour of the labels is no use in that regard, but anyway the text drop-down when you are selecting a label is in black & white). This makes assigning a label to anything a complete nightmare. I can't merge the labels with the same names them because if I do, when I click on a label in the left-hand bar it shows all tasks with that label in all 'projects' - projects which until Tuesday were completely separate entities and no crossover. I'm totally prepared to believe that sharing labels across projects is intrinsically better: as I duplicate labels that certainly makes sense for me, but that isn't the point. The point is that I've adapted the way I work to your product: you can't change around the way the organising mechanisms of the product relate to each other without messing around your users. We should have been given an option of whether to convert each workspace into a network or a project. I'm assuming networks are basically the same thing as workspaces, but you haven't really made that clear.....
      4. If they are the same, I'd like the function to move a task to a different network please. That way I might be able to resurrect my old workflow from the current mess
      5. From my point of view, the one massive feature that was missing from the previous version of producteev was a sensible filter, where you could view tasks with different combinations of labels & change how they are ordered. I think this is actually existed in previous versions of the tool and was removed?! The messing around with how labels work now makes this even more urgent.
      6. In the left-hand bar, the equal spacing for People, Projects and Labels is really annoying. I'm a single user, which I'm sure that must be the case for most of your user-base, and I have a big empty box in the most important section of my screen. As all the labels from all the workspaces have been brought together, there's now quite a lot of them and I need to navigate them in this tiny space. These three boxes should be able to be maximised and minimised, which would mean you don't need to look at the ones you're not interested in.
      7. Please for the love of god give us back the ability to change the of the labels (and projects too)
      8. The use of vertical space in the current design is pretty wasteful. We've got the blue menu bar at the top, then a strip solely for the select all/none/etc box, then the title bar with viewing options, "Type here to create a task", then the tasks (I can see a grand total of 7 on my netbook), then the bottom bar with logo/number of tasks/page. Not to belabour the point, but it's the tasks I'm interested in. The title & select bars should certainly be combined. Also, why do you have page numbers and a scroll bar? It makes no sense. I'd junk the pages altogether.
      9. In the task list, having the same font size for labels gives them a similar prominence to the actual task name, which is a bit distracting. There also seems to be a bug where some of them get cut off and don't always use the whole horizontal space. To be honest, I think having them smaller and running underneath the task name was a better layout. More room for the task name too.

      I'm sorry for sending you a massive list. I'm sure the migration is a pretty terrible experience for you all, but on the other hand, it was your idea, not mine. I genuinely came up with this list after having tried to use the new version for 10 minutes, it's taken me way longer to write it. I'm sending it not to complain but because I'd much rather you mended things than I had to go through the stress of moving to a different tool, and I'm assuming that you're serious about trying to rectify things. Please accept it in that spirit, and please never do an update like this again.