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    new producteev - unable to sort tasks as it was before

      Bug Platform (list all that apply)

      web (maybe iphone as well, I'm unable to update my tasks for about 3 days now...)


      Bug Details

      In the previous version of your product the default sort of tasks was by deadline, sorting from late tasks (tasks that their deadline had passed) to the newest tasks and tasks with no deadline. In the new version (which I was waiting for login for about 3 days and by the way looks much worse than the version before) there is only an option to sort from the most latest deadline and back. This creates a situation where the first tasks I see are the ones with due date which is on 2014, a year from now, and makes no sense. I need to see first the late tasks, not the future ones.


      I can't work like this, pls fix ASAP or lose a user...


      Please attach any supporting materials, such as screenshots.