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    Plans to support anything other than Oracle?


      I did a search on here for a few key words, but couldn't find this question or topic so I apologize if this is redundant somewhere. I can find documents going back to 2009 on the analytics module, yet I am surprised to still see that only Oracle is supported and PostgreSQL for temp use. I mean doesn't anyone else have an issue with using Oracle, an incredibly expensive database solution itself, but then add on system administrative support for keeping the box patched and maintained etc.? Everyone thus far is fine with adding additional costs so we can tell group managers how many points their members gained this month? I know that over simplifies a lot, but I am surprised no one else has issues with this database choice and there hasn't been a push to extend options for this module over the last 4 years. I would like to use this module, but frankly don't want to use Oracle if I don't have to or hire an Oracle Db for some module, while our entire platform is on something else. If we did all of that it would be cheaper to write our own lighter weight module that did similar functions. Currently we use MySQL, but we are starting to get more into MongoDB and I have to imagine I could export or accomplish this using one of them.


      Let me know.