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    Completed tasks and labels

      Dear Producteev,


      You have very nice feature in the previous version. When I went to completed tasks, they were separated by days - what I have completed today, what yesterday etc. I do not see this feature in the new version - it will be implemented later or I should start living without it ?


      Thank you for your effort to finalize this migration ASAP.

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          Fully Agree, we need it back ! Also for every date sort (Last change, Creation Date, Deadline ...)

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              I agree with Tomas and Loic.  I need Producteeve to track the date on which I mark a task complete.  It should default to the date on which I check the "Done/completed" box, but the user should be able to edit that date (like editing a due date) in case the user actually completed the task on a different date.  This is needed for reporting.  Thank you!  I LOVE this product.  It has, by far, the best user interface I've seen for a task manager, IMHO.