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    Change 'Report Abuse' to 'Flag for Review'


      As anyone changed the Report Abuse action to something different? I'm considering changing it to 'Flag for Review' for our external private customer community. 'Abuse' feels very severe and absolute, so we're finding customers don't even consider using it. We've had very few instances where we need to use it, but I'm considering renaming it to a softer name.


      If you have changed it, what was involved? I was reading up in the Jive Docs about the Phrase Substitutions. Our last phrase substitutions were done during implementation by the Jive PS team. (we changed 'Jive Genius' to 'Genius').

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          We've done a few phrase substitutions in our community, and it's made a big difference. I happen to have some discussion handy about our most recent substitution, and I'll paste in the relevant fragments here. In that case, the goal was to substitute the phrase one sees when posting a discussion and choosing among spaces and groups: "Make your content visible to everyone in your community." with "This actually hides it in Home > (your name) > Discussions, where it will NOT show up in the Discussion Forum or Groups"  


          First, navigate to Admin Console > System > Settings: Phrase Substitutions.

          Second, click the "View Rules" button at the bottom of the windows there. (Let me say at this point that I find the process counterintuitive and a bit obtuse, but it seems to work OK.)

          Third, once you can see the existing rules, you'll get an "Add Rule" button, and you'll need to click it.

          Fourth (here's where things get more weird), you have to set four things:

          • "Target", whose value is either "Value" or "Key". I confess I don't know what either means.
          • "Operator", whose value is one of five choices, but the only one I really pay attention to so far is "Equals"
          • "Pattern", whose value you'd think would be the original phrase you're trying to swap out, and maybe there's a way to put it here, but I've never seen itdone as simply as that. This is where you'll probably need some specific help on the arcane name of the field associated with "Report Abuse".
          • "Replace With", which is actually very simple because it's just the phrase you want to see.


          In the example I discussed above, we used the following successfully:

          Target = KEY

          Operator = EQUALS

          Pattern = publishbar.option.all.helper

          Replace with = This actually hides it in Home > (your name) > Discussions, where it will NOT show up in the Discussion Forum or Groups


          We've also changed "Jive Genius" to "Recommended", "Status Level" to "Participation Level", "Dismiss" for notifications to "OK" (because our users didn't want to "dismiss" the nice people who chose to follow them), "Social" to "Community" (our users generally hate the thought of participating in anything resembling Facebook), and instances of "Jive" to "Spinsights" (our site's name).


          We made other substitutions in the email templates directly. For instance, our users revolted against the phrase "Current Status", so we changed it manually to "Your current projects."


          Wishing you well,

          - Josh