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    Is this actually a downgrade from the previous version?

      I was finally able to log in just now and maybe I'm missing something, but I see no added functionalities, only missing ones, like Calendar View. Granted, the interface is "cuter", but doesn't look more functional to me at all, not to mention a bit slower. I feel like I searched all corners of the Earth for a decent task manager that worked as an app and not only online and Producteev was the only one I found was even worth my time, although it wasn't even near perfect. From the uservoice forum I can tell that a lot of people were waiting for this so-called amazing improvement on you platform for quite a while, and a lot of us stood by Producteev in hopes that this major update would bring a truly amazing app. But from what I can see, I'm not the only one who's disappointed at the fact that the features requested on the uservoice forum are not here and some of the old features are missing, not to mention all the bugs. This has to be a sad week for the people who work at Producteev. I assume you'll immediately start working on a major update to this ridiculous version, so maybe give us an ETA on that?