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    Various Issues

      Hello, I seem to be having various issues. Every time I try to do just about anything, I receive an error, or the system doesn't do what is expected.  I'll list them here:


      • Get an error when accessing Producteev via my Google Apps link, gives me a 404 Page Not Found. So, I click the login button and login via Google Apps. Login finally works, but not before getting the 404 error.
      • Immediately after login, I get a red banner that tells me my computer's timezone doesn't match Producteev's. I have triple checked and my time zone I have selected on Prodcteev ARE the same as what is on my computer.
      • When I try to add a user to my current network, I get an error: core.runtimeexception.invite_already_exists.
        • This is frustrating as I have a contractor I am paying by the hour and cannot add him to the project to get him started.
      • To try to get around the inability to add a person to my network, I created new networks. Thankfully these actually worked without an error.  However...
      • When trying to move projects from my original network that won't seem to let me do anything, I get an error: core.accessdeniedexception.cannot_move_project
      • I've asked my assistant if she's been receiving emails on task notes I've been creating on tasks assigned to her, she says she hasn't received any email notifications.  So, I've basically been talking to myself.


      So, basically, I can't seem to do anything.  When will these issues be fixed.  I can't get anything done!


      If it comes down to using a free service that doesn't work, and paying a few dollars for a service that does, I'll just go to a paid service and actually get more done than writing these support requests.


      Thank you,