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    How long do you keep inactive accounts?


      Hi External Community Managers,


      • How do you define an inactive account?  For example, no login for 6 months...
      • What do you do with accounts that have been identified as inactive?  Delete, disable, archive content, etc.


      I suspect that there is no one right answer, but I would like to know how you handle this in order to see what the best practice is.  At the moment, we are struggling with this and have no clear answer to these questions.  From a pure marketing perspective, we want to keep the accounts forever, but from a legal perspective we need to purge from time to time.  How do you handle this?




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          At this time we are using the default settings with Jive 5. We use the Community Mgr Reports (CMR) and consider 'Active' to be someone that has visited the community in the last 30 days. Users are set to Disable when they haven't logged in within a year. Disabled users don't get the weekly email digests.


          For some members, I was reviewing them one by one and if they didn't have any content I deleted them. If they had created content then I left them as Disabled because I didn't want the content to go away too. I hadn't confirmed how their content would be treated but recalled a prior JC discussion about it.

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              We were also using the defaults on Jive 5, but only because I was not aware that users were automatically disabled after a year.  Once I found out we set user.decay.task.enabled = false in the system properties followed by a reboot to prevent it from disabling any other users.  We are an external support community and have users they may need to login to make a post or look at documentation for a project or roll out, and then not need to for several weeks, months, or years.  Then when they want/need to access our site again they will get a SSO error due to the way we are setup, and not be able to access the site until they notify us of the problem and we manually go in the admin console and re-enable them.  Jive support told me there are no performance issues when auto disabling users is turned off, so I don't see any benefit to having it function that way.  Maybe I am missing something, and would be curious on why others think this is a good idea.  If the e-mail notifications are enough of a bother I would expect the users either turn them off, or ask for assistance.


              I feel like this functionality as well as "recency", which disables e-mails for users that have not logged in within 30 days, were never clearly communicated and both of these features are in opposition to pulling people back into the community via e-mail.  Hopefully those are the only two features that work this way. If anyone knows of any others please chime in to let me know.



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                  I'm going back to this thread to get the info from Matt (thx!) because we're now turning off the auto disable feature.


                  I believe the intent of this feature was to Disable Users after a period of time for those customers that have a per-user license. This lets them drop off 'users' and stay under license limits without manually managing it. We've decided that we will manually manage it since we have lower community member count and don't expect the effort to be very high (at least for a while).

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                We have 22,000+ in our community and we are in the process of using of building an automation task that uses the API to send out email reminders at 30, 60, 90 days to encourage people to come back to the community.  If they have not logged in in 120 days then we disable their account.  This will all be done via the API and a service running on our side to do the automation.  Atleast that's the plan, once we begin coding it this plan could change.

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                    Brian - Thanks for sharing.  I'm hoping you can give me some more insight to this.  What is the disadvantage to having the accounts stay enabled?  Once they are disabled, doesn't it require manual intervention on the part of a system admin to enable the account again?  It may depend on the nature of the community, but I can see it being entirely possible that someone just does not need to login to a community for up to a year or longer.  Then when they need to, they can't unless they reach out to someone for help.  Or is there some sort of automated process that can enable their account again?