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    How do you explain Jive in 3 minutes?


      A recent article in Blogs spoke about engaging users and the common mistake of selling it as your corporate facebook (yes, me too...)


      One of the things that I try to do now is to present a classic example of how you can communicate about a project using email and how would you do it using Jive. What do you do when a user asks you what the hell is Jive and what he/she can use it for in the time you get your coffee?

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          Wow! That is quite a challenge - let me try...


          First, know who you are talking to if at all possible.  If you use the word "social" they may immediately think of fun and unproductive items (i.e. Facebook).  So, I will give you two ways I would handle it:


          1. For a person that may be distracted and ultimately dis-engaged because of hearing or seeing the word social:  Jive is a collaboration tool.  It allows us to work in an environment where we can share information, work on projects, and even write documents together.  We have the ability to create communities where niche information can be shared and where the boundaries of tribal knowledge are broken down.  Jive allows us to connect, interact, and work with others across the office, across the street, or across the country.  It is the framework for success that utilizes the Internet and provides us with the ability to work and to learn from each other.


          2. For a person that is either more open to the term social or just not distracted:  Jive is a social collaboration tool.  It allows us to utilize the Internet and web 2.0 technologies to work in a more collective and collaborative environment to get work done.  We can work on projects, write documents together, and share information with ease while reducing the amount of work related email by more than 20%.  Plus, the social collaboration allows you to connect, to interact, and to build relationships with people throughout the enterprise.  This is a great tool to increase productivity, help to provide focus (specific groups, projects), and allow experts across the company to share their knowledge in a way that is much easier.  This social collaboration helps to break down the barriers of tribal knowledge, keeps more people informed about the right stuff, and above all is a better way to business.


          That is pretty much what I say to people all the time.  Or, something very similar.  Then, depending on the response I can help them to "see" what they want to see and get out of Jive what they ultimately want (they just may not know it yet).


          I hope that was helpful - Good Luck!

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            Our opening line for the strategy/training sessions we often do for our company have definitely evolved since we first launched, but since that part of the show often is done by Wes Goldstein, I will defer to him and his LinkedIn comparison. It's good stuff.

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                Thanks, Megan. I guess I have to post my intro speech now. J I always try to tie Jive into something that people use and then transition it back to Jive. My favorite is LinkedIn. The speech goes something like this:


                How many people know that if they get a friend, cousin, uncle, roommate, guy you met once at a conference, to give your resume to HR you have a much better chance of getting an interview? (Wait for head nods or maybe a story) The way we do this is much different than the way our parents networked. No more rolodex, now we use LinkedIn to expand our network and connect with people to help us find a job.


                Now that you have that job, you begin building your network inside the company. You find people who can get things done for you, like maybe a software developer who can fix bugs quickly or a person in HR who can get your paperwork done. Most people build a network of 25-50 people they can turn to in a crisis. What Jive does is allow you to connect to all the people in our company (currently 8,000) to help you in a crisis or just in your normal everyday work. This is how this new tool can make you more productive and more successful.  

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                    I like the simple explanation! I guess it is wrong to sell it as Corporate Facebook (I usually get the "Ugh!" from Managers and up, and "Yay!" from associates). So what I do is it depends on who i am talking to. But at the end of the day, how I introduce it to people is it's a collaborative tool with a plus for socializing, but mostly for networking and getting more people who can help you on your task. But I'll surely keep this description in mind from now on.

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                        We experienced lack of buy in and disengagement as a result of the "corporate Facebook" route. 


                        In fact, we are working diligently to find a way to capture the audience and "sell" them on Jive.  It is actually one of my goals and I am working hard to get everyone to realize its potential.

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                            I agree - the 'corporate Facebook" analogy doesn't work for us either -- brings too many cat videos reference to mind!

                            We too are trying to sell the business benefits of Jive to our users - get them intrigued and interested enough to visit our site and come back.

                            One of our challenges is to get our users to switch from traditional communication methods (phone, paper, email) and embrace the potential of this online channel. We're slowly getting more engagement!

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                      When coming up with an elevator pitch for our Jive implementation (which I replaced with XYZ below), we wanted it to be easy to undersand, relevant to the audience regardless of corporate hierarchy and function, short and punchy to cover it in an elevator ride... and leave just enough time to pique interest, exchange contact details to take things further.


                      "The overarching purpose of XYZ is to make it easy for you to leverage people and content in 3 ways:

                      1.   Modern, self-service websites

                      · that allow you to like, comment, and subscribe for updates. Think of it as a social intranet

                      · You’ll use XYZ pages to find information or people – like those who work with your client or on your project – and to read or contribute content to those pages


                      2.   A real-time activity stream that delivers updates on all people, groups, documents, and pages you subscribe to (or “Follow”).  With this, the things that matter to you are delivered in a ways that’s easy to skim quickly but that also lets you interact with.
                      It cuts out the white noise that we get from having irrelevant information pushed to us.


                      3.   Convenience.  By providing people with access to XYZ in ways that are easy and engaging eg iPad and iPhone access.
                      With Outlook integration, you can easily see all XYZ activity for someone right within your email system.
                      Or you can push email discussions into XYZ so the whole conversations can now be searchable and more inclusive"

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                        Jive is a social collaboration tool for business that breaks down walls between functional areas, allowing people who might never meet to connect, share ideas, and collaborate.  This collaboration can facilitate and speed innovation as well as help people get more valuable information and solve problems faster in the time-crunch of everyday work.  In a global business, good ideas get around the world faster!

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                          This is what I use - usually gets a response


                          Jive is an enterprise collaboration platform that is rather impressive – it bridges the way people use collaborative tools outside of work into the work environment by socializing project and document management, and knowledge sharing.  This platform has very strong internal and external use cases designed to provide documented ROI in many different ways, while at the same time leveraging the efficiencies and differentiation that comes along with socialized mediums. 

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                            Great stuff!  Thanks for sharing.

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                              Thank you for sharing these thoughts. We are trying to refine our original statement: "Jive is a website and mobile app where CoStars [employees] go to get informed, connected and inspired."  We would follow that with "It's a mash up of social networking, Microsoft Word, Google, email all wrapped into one website."

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                                I would start with the assumption that the person knows what a corporate intranet is and I'd say something like "Our corporate intranet was cobbled together with lots of tools - pages, blogging tools, search and indexing tools (which weren't really effective because of the 'cobbled together' part), file sharing tools, collaboration tools, project management tools, etc.  Jive is the comprehensive platform that replaced all those with seamless functionality and increased and improved effectiveness and efficiency."


                                And then I'd sip my latte in the 2 minutes I had left.

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                                  Now we are calling it, "Your inspiration and information headquarters"

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                                    Although I'm still rather new to Jive, one of the key message this thread is missing is how Jive can gamify the traditional social collaboration many of you mentioned.  There's a lot of good content here, but I think Jive differentiates itself with the built-in (or third party - Bunchball) opportunities to make knowledge sharing and collaboration in the workplace fun and engaging!


                                    Our organizations next steps are to configure Bunchball into our Jive environment - but even without that in place, I appreciate the fast feedback, leaderboard and transparency that tells me exactly what I need in terms of my contributions to make it up to the next level. 


                                    For that matter, isn't that another reason I've replied to this post?    I've got big hopes for gamification, and I really don't think it should be undersold!

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                                      I usually explain the Jive platform to my friends as a cross between a social network and enterprise tools which we can use to work together worldwide.


                                      It is an extremely simple explanation but it meets Jose Maria Gonzalez Vazquez' 3-minute requirement.

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                                        Jose Manuel Marquez Vazquez I had not seen this thread for some time, but even though you marked the previous answers successful, I wanted to provide you my interpretation of JIVE,

                                        Respectfully, I do not think you need 3 minutes to convey what JIVE is...or what it could mean to a company and most importantly, the people whose lives can be made just a little better, nicer, easier by connecting with each other to achieve positive outcomes.

                                        So here is my rendition....


                                        What is JIVE?


                                        Jive is Knowing Every Day You have the Chance to Change How Work Gets Done.

                                        Jive is Taking Complicated and Making it Less Complicated.

                                        Jive is Unleashing Achievement for Business and Personal growth. 

                                        Jive is What You Feel When You Realize You're Not Alone.

                                        Jive is What We Envision Work Should Be.

                                        Jive is Corporate Jubilation.

                                        Jive is People.


                                        Each one of those statements can lead in so many directions of conversation, but the key is to keep it simple, and link the emotion to the outcomes (org, business & personal)




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                                          I love to see that this thread is still generating some buzz. Sometimes we forget to explain really what is the goal of getting Jive within an organisation and there are so many different profiles that you need to speak about collaboration. I would like to add something as well. Now what I usually do when I explain collaboration is to ask the person about his daily job. Then I try to get an example about how collaboration might impact his job. It does not always work because some people are often afraid of sharing his work to other colleagues but sometimes a good space or group has come out of a conversation like this.

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                                            I've found when speaking to people that were in the workforce say, 20-25 years ago....you remind them how work got completed and they realize how things have deteriorated. I mean, we actually got up out of our chairs and walked to someone's desk to share work::::gasp::::. We spoke more often and in greater detail. Technology as great as it is has unfortunately hurt communication and confused collaboration in many workplaces. JIVE allows us to more easily connect people-to-people, people-to-content and people-to-events so that we can become more efficient and productive as a group. Where technology for so long made it easier to work on our own island JIVE makes sure we don't lose the benefits and learning gained through collaboration.



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                                              Libby Taylor

                                              I'd love to hear more comments on how everyone explains Jive in 3 minutes...

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                                                we describe it as:


                                                "Professional social Business platform directed to our employees willing to engage through conversations - discussions - forums and to develop collaboration through dedicated communities"

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                                                  Really interesting reading all, there's some great ideas here.  Here's my usual introduction.  Depending on the seniority of the individual concerned, I usually stop to allow the 'barriers' (of mis-comprehension) to go up after either the second sentence (for very senior staff!), the fourth (mid-levels) or continue to the end (for more junior staff)!!


                                                  [Jive] is our internal online virtual meeting room.  It allows us to come together either publically (as in Town Halls) or privately (as you would in a team meeting).


                                                  It can be as 'simple' as a document repository or it can be a full social, online forum allowing each community to share information, have discussions, work collaboratively on documents or manage projects.  It is fully synced both where you need to do your work (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word) and via whatever delivery mechanism you choose to do it (iPhone, iPad).


                                                  All content and activity, depending on its privacy settings, is fully transparent at the individual level: I no longer need to know who to contact about Capital Strategies, for example, I just need to search for Capital Strategies and content, people and relevant groups are found.  So it becomes a connectivity, productivity and networking tool as well as a social collaboration platform.

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                                                    Thanks for all the contributions, very helpful especially in company where audience is not really keen to understand what is hidden behin Social platform.

                                                    I will try to create my own speech and share it with you here.



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                                                      Patrick Leffas

                                                      I'm revising the "What is Jive?" and "Why should I use it?" pitches for our internal community (OneSAIC), and borrowing a lot from Jive's marketing materials:



                                                      OneSAIC is our social business software tool. It applies familiar social media conventions to the intranet and leverages them for the benefit of the enterprise.


                                                      At its core, OneSAIC consists of:

                                                      • People (you and your colleagues)
                                                      • Creating Content (documents, blogs, status updates, etc.)
                                                      • To share in Places (communities of people working on things)


                                                      These elements form a powerful social business network where you:

                                                      • Connect with colleagues
                                                      • Share your thoughts and ideas
                                                      • Get updates from other parts of the company
                                                      • Work better together
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                                                        Resurrecting this post yet again. Sharing this, in case it helps.


                                                        For tech-leaning people:


                                                        Jive is an interactive, social intranet that combines the organic connections and collaboration of an enterprise social network with the structure (like Yammer) and controls of a traditional intranet (like SharePoint).


                                                        For others:


                                                        Jive is an application that unites people and information across your business, your applications and systems, streamlining the way your workforce connects, communicates, and collaborates.


                                                        Jive-n is an interactive, social intranet that combines the organic connections and collaboration of an enterprise social network with the structure and controls of a traditional intranet.

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                                                          We also use "Our information and inspiration headquarters."

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                                                            Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent talking points on this thread. Too many folks to @ but I will certainly be leveraging some of these pitches. If I did have anything to pile on, it would be an agreement with the detrimental impacts of the Facebook comparison; seemed like a great idea for marketing early on - but it is ultimately not the takeaway or the perception we want our users to have of the site. I feel like that has come back to haunt us.

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                                                              This is the best explanation of Jive I have encountered.  I use this over and over again and it truly sums it up.

                                                              Thank you!

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                                                                This is so helpful. Two hours ago a peer asked me why my business case (for Jive) got approved over hers (for a solution relevant to her own department) by asking, "What exactly does Jive do anyway? How is that more important than the solution i need for my own department?", Well, that latter part of the question I chose not to answer but as I tried to explain Jive, I used the F word!!!! Yup.... Facebook! LOL ]


                                                                Well, it's not too late. I have found this before we launch company-wide so, THANK YOU ALL! There is no better explanation than the next. They are all good and fitting.

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                                                                    It's easier to explain to some people by relating to common socme platforms so if, by slip of tongue, we actually used the socme F-word, we can quickly recover by adding "...but it's much more than FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wordpress (blog), and Google search put together...." and then segue into its benefits.

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                                                                    Thanks a lot for all these ideas ! They nurish my thoughts a lot.



                                                                    All answers were really interesting, however i'm wondering about overselling speeches, that make people feel that Jive will solve all there communication, connecting and document issues. Does it really help people understand what is Jive ? Aren't they disapointed ?


                                                                    I'm criticizing now, but I really enjoyed this thread ! Thanks !

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                                                                      Nik Edmiidz

                                                                      Excuse me for replying to a 4 year old thread, but I think a lot has changed. I think the concept of "community" is stronger now than it was before. The one thing I didn't hear in the answers above were the concepts of Q&A or Ideation.

                                                                      I usually describe it as like an FB, Wikipedia, Stack-overflow (or Quora ), and Google for your company.  Some times I'll through in a Reddit per the social ranking/ideation peace. But the point remains the same that all these use-cases can be handled with one tool.


                                                                      For veteran business people I think it's better to use one of Christopher Gilland 's descriptions above.

                                                                      Fingers still crossed for some of the promises we heard at jiveworld17.