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    Producteev Missing Features / Bugs

      Hi Ilan Abehassera and & Producteev Team,

      Thanks - I finally have access to my tasks again ... phew. You guys must be working around the clock, and desite the initial stuff-up, I appreciate your efforts to remedy things.

      I noticed a few weird things with the new Producteev 4.0


      1. Labels should be restricted to the project in which they were created, however I can add labels from one project to a task from another project.
      2. Whenever I login (to either the mobile app (iOS and Android) and the website, it defaults to a certain network - but I want it to open up on another network. I tried to rename my 'default' network with an underscore to appear first alphabatically, but this hasn't fixed the issue
      3. is there any way to have a reorganise projects, so that one projects appear by default.
      4. In the task entry box (on iOS, Android, Web and Mac), is it possible to autocomplete the tasks when I type #    ? This used to happen
      5. On your iOS apps, I keep on having to re-sort the tasks by date created. It forgets this preference everytime I open the app


      Thanks for a great product - I look forward to the benefits your new system will offer, once the teething issues are sorted out



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          Also, when I'm using the Mac app and I try to mark off sub-tasks as complete - I get an error message "Task Not Found"

          A log-out doesn't fix this problem


          Additionally, sub-tasks seem to be out of order when syncing between the apps and the website. They're in one order (newest on bottom) in the app, however on the website, they're ordered with the oldest on top.