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    Anyone using a User Profile Sync process with SAML SSO?

      Has anyone created or figured out a way to sync user attribute fields in Jive with your IdP when using SAML SSO? Fields are updated on each SSO login to Jive, so they will stay in sync if users login frequently. When we launched 18 mths ago we decided not to pursue a custom sync process until we determined it was really needed.


      After being live for 18 months we have ~5% of our users that have a different email address in Jive vs. our customer portal (the IdP of our SSO setup). This is due to a few scenarios: getting Jive email notifications and not frequently logging in via SSO, using mobile app and not logging in via SSO, or just not visiting our community since updating their email address in our portal. Given the importance of weekly email digests and the use of email address in Jive, keeping the Jive email address accurate seems important.


      Has anyone else seen this type of out of sync issue when using SAML SSO? How have you tried to resolve it?


      Matt Nevill - have you seen this for your community?


      I found this good post about SAML SSO and converting FROM the LDAP user sync process - Converting from AD/LDAP synchronization to ADFS/SAML

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          We use a SSO method that was developed in house and matched with a customization from Jive Professional Services.  In our implementation the profile data from our website serves as the master record and updates Jive upon every login.  Any of the fields that come from our website are read only so the users cannot modify it within Jive, and instead have to change it on our website.  As a result we don't have any out of sync issues.  I will mention that this along with some other things we do on our website via API calls results in our Jive counted PVs being very high in comparison to what GA reports every month.  Unfortunately there is no report or easy way to tell how many API calls we make each month contributing to this vs ones that come from within Jive (What Matters stream, etc).  Do you know if SAML SSO uses API calls?  I would assume, but am not sure.

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            Just a thought, no idea if it works for you and the users: Add an iframe/Ajax call to Jive in your portal, so the user will login also in Jive.