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    Latest Update

      Hi guys,


      Been 24 hours since your last update.  Mind filling us all in on progress?  Seems most are back in but with bugs galore.



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          Hi Ben, what's your issue as of now?

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              Hi Ilan,


              These are my issues, mostly in order:


              1) Refreshing the page resets sort order (I workaround this right now by clicking the same project to refresh)

              2) I miss the separation and color change of the past due, today, and future.

              3) I rely on repeating weekdays (not daily) and quarterly, and those are both gone

              4) Pagenation is a bit of a bother, would rather scroll and see everything, as I'm constantly working on all areas of my list

              5) Inline "due-dating" is missing.  I usually quickly add new tasks with a due date in the title.

              6) I would like to set a default list when I login.

              7) When adding labels, not all my labels show up

              8) Difficult to see the color differences in the priority, I miss the numbers.


              These are just things I can think of off the top of my head.


              I really like some things of the new layout, but I've grown accustomed to the awesomeness that was the last version of Producteev!!!  I did a TON of research before I picked your product, and I use it for EVERYTHING to keep my life/work in order.