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    Why is the search universalized? How do you search within a project/workspace only now?

      How do you search within a project? The only search options I am seeing is to search within the entire network (not what I want), or to search within the project board (also not what I want).


      You used to be able to search tasks within a workspace, and go deeper by asking the search to include notes.

      We use producteev for a lot of different things, mainly order fulfillment management and business admin - so one of our project boards is for tracking our orders, another one is for our to-do's for our business. The orders board contains all the order information, with a new task being created for each order. The NOTES section of each task has our customer's name and shipping information. If I want to search a completed order because I need to find a customer's contact info, I can no longer do this. I used to be able to type their name into the search box, ask it to search within the notes as well, and the task (order) would show up.


      I see no way to extend my search parameters to include notes, and I see no way to limit my search within a project board. My searches for the word "james" for instance, keep giving me a bunch of tasks that have no mention of 'james' anywhere at all. It makes no sense.